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Anthony Jacobs Financial is a national financial services firm. It is our mission to educate every American on how to become financially free. We do that by teaching our clients how money works so they can make better more informed decisions about their finances.

Our advisors are client-centered in all that they do. That philosophy permeates through every level of Anthony Jacobs Financial service offering. We live and breathe the debt-free tax-free stress-free philosophy.

Each Advisor treats their clients with the utmost care. The company prides itself on its Five-step client servicing system.

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The first visit is mutual discovery. Our team gets to know you, and you get to know us. We learn where you stand financially. You learn our philosophy, process, and how we function.

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We analyze the information gathered in the Discovery meeting and prepare Retirement income Analysis, investment Performance + Fee Analysis, and Social Security Maximization Report. Then we prepare written plan proposals and recommended actions.

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Action Plan

We work together to fine-tune a plan that meets your needs and requirements. We educate you on why we are making specific recommendations. This step allows you to make the best decisions regarding your financial wellness.

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We implement a plan that meets your needs and requirements. This is not a one-time plan as needs and requirements evolve over time. We are with you every step in your financial future.

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During regular reviews, we evaluate your progress and make necessary adjustments as your needs evolve. This keeps you on course to Retirement Success.

The company is headquartered in New Jersey and has licensed agents in 10 states, with plans to be in all 50 states.

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