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Here at Anthony Jacobs Financial, we specialize in innovative employee retirement planning and voluntary benefits programs.

What are Voluntary Benefits?

Sometimes called “supplemental insurance,” these employee-paid benefits can stand alone or fill gaps in major medical and other insurance coverage.

Employees can select and choose which benefit fits best with their family, at NO Cost to the company.

Benefits are paid directly to the employee, they help personalize benefits packages to fit individual needs.

Employees use voluntary benefits for:

  • Co-Pays or Co-insurance
  • Travel expenses
  • Household bills
  • Replacing wages or savings
  • Wellness screenings ( mammograms, colonoscopies, cholesterol, etc.)

Innovative Employee Retirement Planning 

Using section 7702 of the IRS code instead of section 401K allows:

  • No required IRS filings
  • No employer liability
  • Voluntary contribution by company and employee
  • Tax favored at retirement for participants
  • No early withdrawal penalty
  • No required withdrawals
  • Past to heirs’ tax-free
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